Anal Cum Dumpster

Cum DumpsterAs much as I love being a cum dumpster, something I find kinky is when a guy will let me make him a tag team whore with me. I love dressing sissy little fags up who are about to take multiple massive loads in their ass. I have the perfect panties for you to wear little fag of mine, they are black and satin. I snap the band against your skin and you have to make sure your dick is hard coming out the top. I see you salivating as I am getting into my corset and panties, in the front door walk in about 10 guys. It’s going to hurt but you have to get on top and ride and I will next to you on my knees with my pigtails for handles. I love watching you get fucked as hard as me with multiple cocks slamming in and out with air getting in and when you pulled out brown came out of that dirty pink hole. You were a bad slut so now you have to get up all the way and it came out of your ass like a soft serve ice cream machine. You are made to lick it up while continued to being fucked with loads on top of loads shooting in our anal dumpsters now gaping.

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