Amateur Strip Contest

Hot stripper sex

I was driving around downtown when I saw a sign outside a strip club that read “Amateur Strip Contest Grand Prize $2000”. That’s easy money I thought to myself as I pulled into the parking lot. I entered the contest and went backstage to the dressing room to prepare for my turn. I was already dressed like a stripper, I did a couple of lines of coke and drank 2 shots of vodka and I was ready. I heard them call my name and I hit the stage. All eyes were on me as I danced seductively, bouncing my ass and popping my pussy. And for the ending I gave the audience a full view of my tight, wet pussy. The crowd went nuts and gave me a standing ovation while throwing cash on the stage. Of course I won the grand prize and I was walking out of the club when someone grabbed my arm. It was an older gentlemen with a proposal, he offered me double the money I won for a little private time in the champagne room. I’m no fool, $4000 is too much money to pass up. I let him lead the way to the champagne rooms. Once inside we got right to business. He pushed me down onto the sofa, pulled off my panties and started eating my pussy. It felt so good, this old man really knew what he was doing. He licked and sucked on my clit so good and fast, he had me squirming all over that sofa. I grinded myself on his face and then I started bucking against his mouth. I came so hard that I squirted cum all over his face. That only excited him more and he kept devouring my sloppy wet pussy. He didn’t want anything in return. I couldn’t believe I was getting paid $4000 to get my pussy ate!!! I walked out of that strip club with over $6000 and a smile.

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