Amara On The Rocks With a Twist Of…

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Hey hon, welcome to the bar! Yeah yeah, what can I get you to drink? Oh, Amara on the rocks with a twist of lucy? Sounds delish! Let me go in the back and get ready, I’ll meet you upstairs in room three, alright?

Twenty minutes later, I come in with a cart carrying an array of party time favors for you and I. The rocks was a certain, and I lit up that crack pipe without a second thought. I’ll roll on the rocks all day and do any fucking thing you say. My bar is a special place where we cater to the taboo and unusual. You’ve just booked a night with a wild druggy whore who will do anything to stay up up up! The only crashing down I want to do is onto your cock.

But you, my sweet, ordered me with a twist of Lucy! LSD is my favorite, even more than methamphetamine. I took that tab, and watched the edges of everything begin to fade. That’s when you grabbed me, and forced me to the floor. You ripped my panties off, and spread my PAWG cheeks. My dirty posey stared back at you, and you lined that sadistic cock up to fill me in one fucking stroke.
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