Always Down For A Quick Screw

Trailer trash whoreI was so fucked up stumbling down the hallway of that shady old apartment building. Really only trailer trash hoes like me would end up at a place like that on a typical basis. I wanted to get fucked up, and the quickest and easiest way to do that was go start to the dealers hole in the wall and sell my assets. If I was supposed to feel shame that isn’t happening. I get what I want, and him and his buddies get a whore they can do anything too for a few hours. Everyone is happy no one gets hurt, and honestly I always love cum dripping out of my holes while I get fucked up. I don’t turn down cock most of the time, I’m the trailer trash that is always down for a quick screw. Think what you want of me, but I’m the pussy who will spread any time you want. Much better than the house wife you got waiting at home for. She still using sex as a weapon? A way to control you? Either way it leads you to my part of the trailer park each time.

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