Ace of Spades In My Holes

BBC Phone sex

Boy Do I have a BBC phone sex whore tale for you! They don’t call him ace for nothing! Fucking 13 massive inches. Ace has become my new fetish. My Spade dick is the High card of my pussy and the blunt force object of my anal loving creampie ass hole. A fucking Nigger drill if there was ever one. And Ace loves for me to wear a Confederate bikini top as he fucks my white bitch ass and pussy.  How could I ever turn him down with a wild card cock that when I do blow off of it my pussy creams. I am the white bitch passed from BBC to BBC during his card and blow nights. Of course, I had to get a picture to pass around to my other druggy hoes like me, they have heard of Ace but now they see that dick in real life and they all want a hell of a ride from his black stallion winning hand! I am a BBC craving slut and I need his black load deep in my poker pot!

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