A particular fetish

Blonde phone sex

One of my clients has a very particular fetish. He never wants to fuck. When he calls he tells me exactly what he wants me to wear from head to toe. How he prefers my hair, makeup, bra, panties … everything, but I don’t mind he pays and tips really well.
I’m instructed on what to do step by step thereafter as well. I knock three times on the hotel door and then enter. He is always in the corner of the room; he sits in a darkened corner and doesn’t turn on any other lights than what keep him hidden. I take my place at the edge of the bed, turn to be inspected and then slowly remove all clothing. Turning to face him with the most erotic parts about to be exposed, I turn around touch the floor with my hands and reach up and slide my panties down. The thong slips out from between my ass and then I am supposed to let them drop to my feet. I take a few steps back until I feel his hand on my ass, I lift one leg then the other so he can take the panties. The whole time he is doing that, he has shoved his thumb up my cunt. I assume it’s to see if I am wet or how wet. He seems to have a huge thumb because my knees nearly buckle every time from the sensations. I take my two steps forward, sit on the corner of the bed, exposing my clit and play with myself. As I play he instructs me on how fast, what direction, even when to finger fuck myself. It is actually quite erotic and he knows it because I can hear the delight in his voice as he instructs me and denies me orgasm until he feels like it’s time. Halfway in he has me stand, turn and walk back into his thumb again to make sure I’m not faking it I think. When he finally says I can cum I almost always gush all over the floor because he has me so worked up and horny. Even though I’m fairly certain he isn’t jerking off I still hear him cum while I am cumming. Definitely one of my favorite calls to get because I know I will cum very hard that night.

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