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sexlineI have a 24 /7 sexline. No taboos and no limits always. I am a night owl. I tend to stay up after everyone in the house has crashed. I break out some coke and get ready to help men with their naughty fantasies. Sometimes, I have had a similar real-life experience. Sometimes, a caller’s fantasy inspires a real-life experience. Last night, I spoke to Joel. He is now raising his two barely teen daughters. His ex-wife is sick with COVID and needed him to be a full-time daddy for a month while she recuperates. His head started swirling with dirty ideas about his girls. I was right there to egg them on. I will never talk you out of an age play or incest fantasy. I am a fan of both. I whipped up a sexy roleplay for him and we played it out. A daddy should turn his sweet young girls into sex slaves. A girl cannot become a big dick sucker or a cum whore without some early practice first. I played his ex-wife but instead of being his ex-wife, we were still married, and I came to him with a suggestion. I wanted him to make his daughters women. I wanted him to breed them, so we would have more young ones running around the house. He was all in too. Daddy’s girls and family whores grow up to be phone sex sluts like me. By that I mean if a girl is sexualized early in her life, she grows up with a healthy and freaky view of all things sexual. And who does not want that? Look at me? I was fucking before I was talking, and I grew up to be a nasty no limits mommy whore. The world needs more women like me, right?


    • Richard on March 19, 2021 at 5:37 pm
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    You are such a hot whore.

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