A Family of Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes make my family bank. That includes me too. We have all ages for men to select. I am constantly amazed though over how many men want me. I am 42 now, but my popularity just goes up not down with age. Last night, a man hired me and my eldest daughter. She is the only teen whore in my house who is legal age. He thought it would be hot to fuck a real-life mother and daughter. He wanted a girl with some experience. All my girls have experience because daddy trained them to take cock and they have all been pimped out before. With this guy, we had to play like we were just regular California girls, not total whores like we are. He did not want a trailer trash whore mother and daughter. He wanted the mother and daughter next door experience. We can play house however a man wants because we are all about the Benjamins. We gave him the suburban soccer mom and daughter experience. It was nice playing normal folks. Well, maybe not exactly normal because my guess is not many soccer moms are blowing daddy with their daughters. More soccer moms should though. Our rent a daddy had a big dick. My daughter and I acted surprised daddy was so hung. My hot teen slut daughter played her role beautifully. She acted like a good virgin girl who wanted her daddy to be her first. I mean she did lose her virginity to her daddy, so she was going on memory. My baby girl can play any role. She is a natural actress and a natural whore.  We spent the night with our rent a daddy to give him the real experience. Honestly, one of the best family threesomes I have had as a hooker for hire.

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