A Birthday Celebration with Young Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesMy brood of sexy prostitutes knew how to celebrate mommy’s birthday last night. My favorite restaurant could not accommodate my large family in their place, but they could cater me a birthday spread for the entire family. Just dinner would be too tame for a mommy like me as a birthday celebration. My husband catered in more than food. He brought in some young cute sluts from another agency. Not so much agency as a sex trafficking outfit that my husband does business with occasionally. Not that I do not enjoy the sweet little pussies and hairless cocks under my roof. Special occasions deserve something extra, something different. When the young hookers for hire daddy got me paraded around in front of me like little beauty queens, my little whores got jealous. I assured them they were still number one in mommy’s eyes. I am a P mommy and as cute as these young whores were, we shared no DNA. Taboo of course to play with anything that young; could get me arrested too, but not the same as playing with the tender age whores you birthed. Since it was my birthday, I called the shots. Not like I do not usually call the shots, but I wanted to watch more than sample the merchandise. I had the hired sluts play with the family sluts. It was the kind of orgy that if we filmed would net us a lot of money and get us arrested if discovered. Of course, we filmed it. It was my birthday orgy party. Little boys fucking little girls. Little girls sucking little dicks. Little ones eating each other out and sucking little dicks too. And daddy cumming all over their faces, lol. He got just as much out of my birthday present as I did. The house still smells like young pussy and cock. Best birthday yet.

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