4th of July cum explosion

It was a great holiday money making weekend for me. I was always able to make money as an Anal cum dumpster, my asshole is my money maker. I was hired for a 4th of July bachelor party. They were drunk and high and I wanted to be just like them. I did a few lines of blow as I got my payment. I never wait more than 10 minutes to get my payment. I sell my holes right. These men were nasty fucks. One of them wanted to piss all over me while I sucked on another black cock. I didn’t care the nastier they are the bigger my money tip is. I secretly film all my parties in case they try not to pay me, I bribe them. I took a break to take some shots before sucking the next cock. I even did a line of one of their fat hard black dicks before I fucked in my asshole. Once my asshole started getting fucked and got nut exploded inside me, they all wanted a turn. I squeeze like I squeeze my pussy and they love it. They love me milking them with my massaging asshole.

Anal cum dumpster

One by one they took turns using my mouth and my ass, like a filthy Trailer trash whore that i am I took it. By the end of my baggy i made double my pay in tips taking explosions of cum loads in my ass and getting pissed on.

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