Lot Lizard Cum Slut to Stripper Cum Whore

Many people don’t know that before I was a stripper I was a cum guzzling lot lizard that liked to fuck random truck drivers. Bitches try and pretend A man with a job is a man that will always have a place to park in the back of my throat. I am not ashamed to admit that I used to spend most of my time at major rest stations asking truckers if they wanted a hot piece of ass. Most of them could turn down a horny ebony slut with dick sucking lips and a pussy meant for pounding! I feel bad for the women these jokers go back home to after fucking me. Most of these nasty fuckers would fuck me bareback while I was still dripping from the last man’s fucking jizz! Some would even lick me out until my cream pie gushed out all over their truck seats. Those dirty dick truckers did not care whether my cunt was clean or if I had been freshly fucked! As long as it was steaming hot and ready for the next load, they would always let me ride them in their trucks. I should visit my old stops to see if I can get a few hot loads to get my night started. 

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