Service Fuck

Anal sex whore
I had met up with this trucker after work and he was fucking my asshole with his big fat cock and in the corner his four legged friend was watching us, I kept hearing it smack its lips like something wet was being licked and lapped op really loudly, I look over and the little fucker is just sitting there and staring at me bent over with his master goes to town on my asshole. Then out of nowhere the trucker moans that he wants his furry companion in the action, he says he wants me to play with his furry friends balls. At this point I am considering what it might be luck to have the owner in my asshole and Rexy using that long old tongue to lick my cunt at the same time. This could get very interesting I think all mammals can have big dongs that could be satisfying to me and maybe even multiple furries at a time.

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