Lot lizard sex with Amara

I got asked by a little one today as I was waiting on her family at the truck stop today what a lot lizard was… What I wish I could have told this girl is the truth… The truth that I am a cum guzzling lot lizard.
That I enjoy going truck to truck and getting my pussy filled like a trash compactor full of cock and jizz. I enjoy how dirty I feel when I get used and discarded the like the dirty whore I know I am.
I am a whole lot of pussy, tits and ass and I want you to dump on me because I can take it. Give it to me. I want it. That’s what I wish I could have said, but I just smiled and walked away with a little grin, because I get off in one hour.

Lot lizard sex


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  1. Nathan

    two well fucked holes

  2. Andrew

    Baby, I will fill all your holes right up.

  3. Danny

    Open that ass and pussy bitch

  4. Jones

    Look at those gaping holes, you worthless whore.

  5. Trevor

    That’s right baby. My balls are heavy and I need you to the lighten the load.

  6. jamie

    stretch them holes baby. FUCK YES!!!

  7. Cameron

    I want to fill your gaping holes!

  8. mark

    well baby come jump in my 18 wheeler and let me fill those fucking holes up slut

  9. Paul

    I’d buy your fucking ass!

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