I’m a big dick sucker every day!

big dick suckerI’m a big dick sucker every day… or at least, I try to be anyway. Seriously tho, my day is always much better if I get the chance to play with a big fat dick or two, I’m the kind of whore that really needs it yanno? Anyway, I met up with a random dude yesterday, he was black so I just knew he would have a giant dick for me and boy was I not wrong at all! He pulled that monster out of his pants and I swear I was gonna lose it! My pussy was soaking wet just looking at it and I wanted to suck it so bad I was practically drooling. It was a struggle to deepthroat that badboy but I took as much as I could and just worked it. Then he bent me over and shoved that monster dick up in me balls deep and all I could do was scream! It stuffed me so full but I loved it!


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  1. louie

    I got a big ole cock for you right here baby

  2. scott

    you are total trash!

  3. Rick

    Suck this big cock baby, Gag and slobber all night long.

  4. Norman

    I got something for ya that will really make you scream, my huge cock, you’ll be yelling for your Mamma.

  5. Scott

    I have a big cock that you can suck!

  6. Levi

    You sucked my dick so good baby.

  7. Neal

    Big Dicks were made for your mouth.

  8. sam

    suck this dick baby

  9. greg

    I wanna see you with that big dick in that piehole

  10. Jesse

    You should weight mine baby.

  11. Steve

    Weight mine girl. It is so heavy.

  12. Dion

    i have a perfect black cock for you

  13. Will

    I love a BBC whore

  14. Shane

    You will love my BBC

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