Cum Dumpster Beverly

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Beverly is one on my many monikers. No one in my trailer park can take as much cum as me. I brag about it too. Personally, I love being a cum whore. The men know who to visit when they have huge balls that need drained. A group of guys I party with came by last night for cock service. They are truckers who have wives who don’t give head. I mean really? Isn’t it like part of the vows? To love, honor and give head? I will suck a cock, old or young, white or black. I just want to taste and feel jizz. Cum does a body good. I don’t care what anyone says, cum is an essential daily protein. So, my party buddies were over with coke and cock. We sat around doing lines and drinking beer before they whipped out their underserved dicks out for me to suck. My daughter has impeccable timing. She walked in as I was on my knees showing off my big dick sucker talents. She helped me. If I am the cum queen of the trailer ark, she is the cum princess. I love sharing cum with my daughter, with any woman, because I can snowball the cum. Men love watching bitches play with their jizz. My daughter is just as big of a cum guzzling slut as I am. We woke up this morning feeling full, but we are never full enough.

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