Anal cum dumpster for the furry friends

anal cum dumpsterMy drug dealer loves watching me all kinds of nasty shit. The naughtiest thing I have done thus far has to be something that was fueled by a three-day drug binge. I had my pretty nose stuffed with pure coke, and I didn’t stop there. I had plenty of K and H and even X a nice mix of lethal drugs. I am hard to control. I will do it all and will be high as hell and take on every single dare. My dealer was begging me to be pegged by his four-legged friend. I wasn’t going to say no. After being his anal cum dumpster for a few days, I was ready to try something new. I had that furry friend mounting me in no time. I was getting off on all of this twisted shit. I am filthy cunt forever.


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  1. david

    you’re such an anal cum dumpster!

  2. TJ

    fuck you got me hard

  3. Dustin

    nasty blog, cum dump!

  4. David

    I love a whore how is into fucking furry dick. I got a big furry friend for you.

  5. fred

    i got some nasty shit for u

  6. Hank

    What a cutie

  7. Michael

    Such a filthy fucking whore. Love it!

  8. ChrisE

    I want to be your drug dealer

  9. evan

    hot blog

  10. hector

    i love druggy whores like you!

  11. Oscar

    Can we get together I am so horny for you

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