You’re going to love toilet sex with me

toilet sexWelcome back, did you miss me? Miss the sound of me peeing for you. You hear it hitting the water in the toilet. The sigh of relief from me because I’ve been holding back all day long. You want that piss somewhere else it’s too good to be going into the toilet – flushed away for forever. I’ve got you covered babe, literally. Pissing sex is where it’s at, and I have a bladder that is ready to be emptied all over your body. Your deluxe golden shower you wanted oh so badly. Warm hot piss all over your chest, all over your face, running all over you smell how horny it makes me standing above you pissing. You smell how wet I am, not just from the pee but from hot turned on I am right now. You’re cock throbs thinking about my yummy juices, this is everything you ever imagined and more. You have more you need though, you need to taste it and once you do I collapse on top of you ready to fucked in our toilet sex play.

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