You’re a pig and will hang like one!

I’m tied to the barn wall by the neck with a rope like cattle waiting to be slaughtered. There is a ball gag in my mouth. You come up behind me in all black and start ripping at my clothes off. Ripping my huge tits out of my shirt and exposing my black thong and garters I’m wearing under my skirt.  I try to fight you off, but you’re so big and you flip me around, chocking me with the rope, so my back is to you. You aggressively start taping my hands together behind my back, with electrical tape. I can’t fight you as you take the rope from around my neck. You lay me down and I kick a little, but that only makes you more upset. You rip my skirt and underwear all the way off. You flipped me on my stomach and lay atop of my body so I couldn’t fight, even if I wanted to, which I don’t! ” You’re a fucking slut and I’m going to have you hanging with a hook in your ass by the end of this. You’re a pig and will hang like one!” Oh. My. God! I love the sound of that! I whimper as if that isn’t exactly what I want! Cum dumpster

You forced your fingers in my tight pussy finger fucking me hard and fast. I try to fight it but my whimpers turn to moans as you make me cum for you. You love the way I just gave in to you and your desires and how my body obeyed, even though I didn’t. You haven’t even begun with me and now your have to add to your list of punishments!  you’re going to punish me for fighting you! You put my leg in the rope that my head was just in. I am hanging upside down like a fish when you force your cock in my mouth. I’m gaging as I swing back and forth my face slamming into your cock. You flog me each time I swing away too far to keep your dick in my mouth which is every time with this momentum. You moan loudly each time my throat crashed into your cock. And then you grab me abruptly and pull my leg out causing me to fall on the floor I try to cry out but am muffled by the ball gag! “Now I’m going to fuck you with my BBC” you says with a smirk you pulls out the biggest black dildo I have ever saw!  “Get ready baby, because its going to be a long night!” Oh yess master! I think as I ready myself to be demolished like the pain slut I am!

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    • Darin on April 24, 2022 at 12:15 pm
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    Piggies like you love the degradation and humiliation, don’t you slut?

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