Wrist Deep In Asshole

I was getting high with my dealer, and he had fucked my asshole it was stretched open already dripping with his nut. He had an idea of how i could get really blasted and it was to stick a pill up my asshole.

Scat phone sex

There is nothing more that I love than being so high I don’t care what happens to me. He took the pill, and I could feel his fingers pushing up inside me, but he kept going and pushing until he had his whole fist in my asshole and started pumping my asshole with his fist. He pulled his fist out of my ass and rubbed his shitty hand on my face. Then i felt my body get the rush and high I wanted. He shoved his fingers in my mouth and made me clean his dirty shity hand he told me he would give me more drugs if I did. I love being blasted and how I was feeling that I went for it. He made me ride his cock with my asshole and making sure i cleaned the scat off his hand until he nutted in my ass one more time. I’m a trashy druggy whore and I’ll do anything for my high.

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