gangbang whore

He came from Chi-Town to cop a few rocks.  Forever the party guy always willing to have more than a good time.  he took me and a few of my girls out for a trip to what he called Wonderland.  Everything was on him.  He love when I would bring my Her-Man with me he couldn’t get of enough of my Trans friend.  He got off on knowing he was going to get fucked too.  We went back to his hotel just the three of us lit the pipe up and all the fun started.  You know I’m down to give a great blow job if the price is right.  First I started with him then I had both him and Her-Man in my mouth yes I’m the real deep throat no choking.  Once Her-Man got ready he bent Chi-Town Shorty over and was fucking the shit out of his ass I mean really fucking the shit out of him.  It was OK because while his ass was being pounded to smithereens he was licking and sucking this pretty kitty all night.  Last time we met up he fucked me to sleep and this time he wanted the dick and some pussy to eat.  I was like hell yeah and I can get high as fuck.  Love when he comes to town always a blast.

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