White Trash Fun in the truck stop shower.

white trash phone sex

It was after midnight when he walked into the truckstop. He was ragged and filthy. For some reason I felt sorry for him and offered him some coffee. We made small talk. He mentioned how long he had been on the road and he sure smelled that way. I told him he was welcome to use our showers if he did it quick. Some customers came in and I went to them.

I was in the breakroom when I heard weird sounds from the shower area. I opened the door and there was the homeless guy, jerking his soapy cock in the shower. I watched for a moment as I saw his 10 inch cock sliding through his fist. He looked up and saw me and smiled. I couldn’t resist. I had to have it. Taking off my waitress dress, I joined him, dropping to my knees to suck that beast. I had him right on the edge of coming when he pulled me to my feet and turned me around and bent me over. I screamed into the water as he gaped my pussy open with this massive dick. I was hanging onto the soapdish as he pounded me full of homeless bum fuck juice.

Back at my tables, I had to smile as I picked up his empty coffee cup. He just gave me the best tip ever!!! My gooey panties were the proof. I love my job.  

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