Her First Time

trashy milfI’m waiting for you to come share those naughty fantasies with me. I get so horny when you tell me how you want to manipulate one of the young ones into your bed. You often use me as an accomplish to help you with your tactics. After all, they almost always trust a female over a male. We are so much more sensitive to their needs. My sensitivity disappears when the little one’s clothes comes off. All I can think about is getting to that tight, fresh pussy or hard little cock and making them feel adult feelings for the first time. I want to prep her for your cock. I’ll use my tongue. Her little pussy is so young and sweet. I’ll even help to guide it into that tight entrance of hers. I love watching your face as your cock is consumed by the tight virginal muscles. To stifle her loud response to having that pussy stretched for the first time, I’ll ride her face and tongue until I squirt lady cum all over her sweet little face. Now,doesn’t she look so much prettier that way?

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