Whipped Cream Mess With My Mom

Blonde phone sexWell, today is Mother’s Day and all my slutty Mom and I have been doing is getting nasty as fuck with one another to celebrate! You know how the saying goes, like mother like daughter, haha that sure applies to the both of us! I have learned a lot of wild shit from her, she’s a horny ass MILF and has been the perfect role model. She has shaped me into the nasty whore that I am today! I went over to her house late last night and we have been going at one another non-stop, licking and sucking all over each other’s pussy, using strap-ons and toys, finger fucking ourselves until we cum everywhere! Freaky phone sexMy Mom loves whipped cream a lot, just like me! We love to incorporate it into our sex play too, so fucking hott! When she had babies, she had a c-section, so her pussy is still tight as ever! There’s nothing like a mature pussy that’s still fresh as fuck! There’s something so yummy about eating your own Mother’s pussy too, it’s really an act of love! I wanted to spoil her on her special day so I doused her cunt in half a can of tasty cream! I dove in head first and devoured her! My wet tongue was going wild on her, licking every crevice between her lips, inside and out as I sucked her clean. Whipped cream always tastes so much better when it’s mixed with Mommy pussy juices! She squirted cum all over me, drenching me from head to toe!Big dick sucker

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