What would you doOOoo for a klondike bar??

scat phone sexLast night I was bored, just sitting around watching tv when a klondike ice cream bar commercial came on and suddenly I knew what would liven up my evening! Have yall ever heard of a kentucky klondike bar? I know it sounds like the sweet ice cream treat but it is way, way different. You see, first thing you gotta do is take a nice big shit, not in the toilet though you need to do this on a tray or a platter or something. Once you have a nice steaming pile of poo on there, form it into a nice thick log shape and pop that bad boy into the freezer for a few hours, you have to let it freeze totally solid for this to work right. Once you have your shit log nice and frozen you take that poopscle and fuck all your fuckholes with it until it is squishy and defrosted! It feels so fucking amazing when you shove that frozen shit in your pussy and after you get a yummy treat to eat! Now what could be better than that?

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