I Instigated It

phone sex line evonneI knew what I was doing when I wore my little black dress to the club. I also knew what I was doing when I choose what to wear under it. I know he is jealous as hell. I also knew that the way I looked and the way I was dancing on the dance floor I was attracting slutty ass attention, I watched him get madder as the night wore on and he got drunker. Every time a man looked at me with that I could fuck you look in his eyes, Steve would get the look of hall and damnation in his eyes. I get off on watching it, instigating it. It wouldn’t be long before he would be beating the shit out of some poor slob all over me and this shit drove me crazy. My cunt would get nice and wet as I watch him beat someone down When it is all over with and the dumb ass is on the ground, bleeding, barely conscience, I will stand over him and let my cunt cum while laughing at him and telling him this is the pussy he just got fucked up over.

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