Well, I am just a little Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster

“God this pussy is so tight, and wet!” You moan as you force your cock in and out of my pussy from behind. My ass is jiggling just right for you, and you can’t help but smack it, leaving a bright red hand print from where you hand kissed my round, juicy ass. I came in to do business, but boy we are getting down to business! I knew I was going to have your cock deep inside me as soon as I walked in and you stood there with a bulge that would shame mere mortal men! I was surprised when you pulled it out and I saw just how massive it was, and the damage that you could do to me with that thing! And damaging you are you are pounding me out and using me like the cock sleeve I am. I am nothing but a cum whore and I want you to rip me open, and cum in every one of my holes! I cry out as your cock came out of my wet cunt and you forced it right into my ass without missing a beat. My tight hole ripped open as your slammed hard into my ass. You are balls deep and rotating your hips before you pull back and ram me hard again. I can’t tell if you are trying to break my back or keep from cumming. Well, I am just a little Cum dumpster Just when I thought you were going to slam back into my ass you start thrusting hard and fast your finger finding their way into my wet cunt. god you know how to close a deal baby! but between you and me I was prepared to buy it either way!


    • Kelley on June 1, 2022 at 4:08 pm
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    Thanks for the call. My wife never lets me talk to her like that.

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