We were mud wrestling the nastiest way

scat phone sexI’m sure that most of you have heard of mud wrestling, maybe some of you have even watched a fight or two but I bet you’ve never seen it done my way! We had an inflatable pool, it was about six feet long, maybe four feet wide and instead of filling it with mud, we filled it with shit. Lots and lots of shit from about ten of us girls, we spent the whole day eating all kinds of yummy things and pooping in that pool until there way a nice thick layer of shit and piss in the bottom of it. That’s when the real fun could finally start! You should have seen it, we were all taking turns wrestling in our own filth and we all got so fucking horny from it that the wrestling around in shit turned to straight up fucking in shit! It was nasty as fuck and everyone in my neighborhood could probably smell that pool from from a mile away but I don’t give a single fuck at all. I was way too turned on to give a fuck about what my neighbors were thinking! Anyway… which of you guys want to wrestle me next?

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