We like getting in trouble

Drunk girl fuckingMy friend Nomi and I always get ourselves into some trouble together. What are friends for if you can’t do bad things with, We are wild things that cause havoc? We party all night and barely make it to school. We are never sober and always high. Drunk girl fucking is one of the best experiences ever. Having your cock straddled by a girl who won’t remember it the next day is a win-win. You get your rocks off, and you get to stay anonymous. This past week at school Nomi and I were on a bender, and we got to school high as fuck. We couldn’t hide it or contain it quite frankly. The dean and the assistant had a word with us in their office. We had to show both of them why we are hell raisers. We didn’t do much talking because actions speak louder than words. Our cunts on the office desk were all that needed to be expressed.

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