Water Sports

phone sex line He thinks that he shocks me with his nasty and taboo fetishes. I know it is a turn on for him to believe I am shocked so I play his game. The reality of it is when he sends me to the bathroom and I know we are getting ready to play my cunt gets so fucking wet. I strip and sit on the toilet spreading my legs wide so that he can put his hand between my legs and feel the warmth of my piss as I stop and start it for him making sure to keep enough in my bladder for the rest of the game. I watch him prepare the enema that he will insert in my ass filling it up with warm water. I know to get in the tub and spread my legs wide for him to fuck me. I have to hold the water in my ass while he pounds my cunt waiting for him to give me the word. Just as he cums inside me I release the water on to his balls and let the rest of my piss flow out and around his cock all while I am cumming all over him. It’s such a hot and nasty game.

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