True Tales


No taboo phone sex

Do you want to know what it’s like to be done wrong? Would you like to see for yourself in the mind of my torment? Is there any life and loving myself because I think that I have lost all concern. I believe myself to be out in the dark alone. When I was a young one the things he did to me it was more than brutal it was something you would not ever believe. I trusted him; I thought he was more than a friend to me he was family. Everything he used to say to me was only getting me ready for the abuse, and he was getting me prepared to be used as raw meat. He told me never to tell anyone he said if I did, I would pay. How could this happen to such an innocent little one? Can somebody explain why he said he was a doctor when he took his finger, and he put them inside of my pussy? And can you imagine the way he looked at me he looked like he was in ecstasy like it was his fantasy to be touching me? I didn’t know any better, so I smiled like he told me to and I close my eyes. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to like it, so I let him do it so long. I did not tell anyone until it was too late. All through my teen years, he would make all of his rape fantasies come to his demented understanding with me. He took advantage he did the worst things, he was a monster oh my goodness I couldn’t bring myself to say his name because I’m so in love. Yes he won he got the best of me, and now my mind can’t get off of him I want to be fucked by him. I want to suck his dick all night every night and every morning. I am his slave now he is my master it all began so long ago. He loves the young ones so I’ve got to get them for him so he can love me like he used to. I will do anything for him I have to because he’s brainwashed me into submission. I am his everything, and he is my everything, and we are the best team around. I love my uncle, my daddy’s brother only he knows how much I do. He taught me how to be the best slut I’ve ever been in my life. I wouldn’t give him up for any price in the world

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