Trailer Trash Cum Dumpster

cum dumpster

Being a cum dumpster isn’t something I’m ashamed of like some fucking morons think when they call me for the first time. They find out pretty quickly that I wear my status like a badge of honor. Being a whore is my favorite thing in the world and I’ll never be ashamed of it. And let’s just be real for a minute, my dude. You want to fuck a bitch like me, so you can’t even say anything about how often I spread my legs or who I spread them for. All you need to do is appreciate what you’re being given.

Sure, I’ll let anyone fuck me as long as they know how to use it, but don’t let that make you feel any less special when you step up for your turn with me. Which hole would you like to fuck first? I don’t give a flying rats ass which one you pick as long as you promise to fuck it like that’s the last time you’ll ever fuck again. I think we both know that you will pick my mouth first, so why don’t you call me and let me tell you how I’d use it and then we’ll decide the rest!

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