Trading My Young Ones For Rent

trailer trash whoreWell rent is due, and the horny sleazy landlord came calling. I know what he wants but I want to get all the bills covered as much as possible before I give in to his perverted ways. He showed up wearing only sweatpants and holding a forty. I was still fucked up from the night before but that won’t stop me. I invited him in, and he started in about last day of the month and rent is due and blah blah. I told him I have what he wants. I sat him down pulled out his cock, spit on it and then put my trashy lips around that big beast and sucked him off. I smiled and he said nah, you owe more than that. So, I stood up and lowered my juicy wet pussy onto his monster and fucked him. He grabbed my big tits and bounced me up and down on his cock. He squirted his load deep inside me. I stood up and he just laughed. He told me I knew what he wanted. I did but I decided to negotiate just a little. I threw in some new appliances and a zero balance and he could have it. He took a drink and said bring her on. I smiled as I grabbed my little trailer trash whore in training from her room and handed her to him. He loves her tiny soft flat hairless body. He tore her up and left her in tears and bloody, but I don’t care. That is the reason I had those cute little tiny fuck toys.

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