Tonight We Play

dirty phone sexI am just sitting here rubbing my wet pussy and smoking my pipe. I have a few lines waiting on me and a shot as well. Might turn on some porn or I might spend the night talking to a horny man. Is that you? You wanting to party and talk about all kind of fucked up things? Dirty taboo and nasty. That is the way I like it, don’t you? Some fetish porn or some naughty things you want to do with me. Maybe you want to try and shock me BUT don’t count on it. I am as nasty and kinky as you will find. You would be pressed to be able to get me all twisted. But don’t let that stop you. I encourage it, actually I crave it. The nastier and dirtier the better. Tell me all the things you want to see me do. Your deepest darkest fantasies. Want to see me with your friends? Dad? Brother? Maybe your mother, sister or girlfriend. Baby I am down. Always down to fuck. I will be here stroking my pussy and getting jacked up. Take a hit, snort a line and ring my line so we can have some fun.

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