Toilet sex on twitter

toilet sexThey tell me to tone down the nasty, to be a little less filthy. They don’t want to offend anyone with my scandalous twitter posts. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Ha! All I talk about it piss and shit! I am pissing my panties right now, in fact. Does that turn you on? I’m sure you’re not offended by the filthy sides of things, you like that toilet sex as much as I do! No denying that! I bet the second you read I was pissing my panties your cock started growing for me. You can’t stop reading, what other juices do I have for you? Well all of them of course! I am a nasty nasty girl that thrives off the things that most can’t stomach. Nothing has ever turned me on as much as peeing in my panties then rubbing my clit till I cum all over them too. I bet you want a pair so you can sniff and breath in that horny piss smell while I talk dirty to you on the phone. REAL FUCKING DIRTY! I can tell you’re not offended at all, I don’t have to hold back with you – your cock certainly isn’t holding back for me!

pissing sex

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