Toilet Play

Toilet Sex

Ever had toilet sex? I have, and it was fucking amazing. I was sitting there taking a nice stinky shit after my morning cup of coffee and my neighbor comes in to say good morning. Well, he found me sitting on the toilet, in the middle of wiping my ass when he walked in and took a nice whiff of my poop. He exhaled loudly and I was shocked at first until he reached over and slipped two fingers right in my pink slit! I couldn’t believe it. A man who was turned on by the smell of my very own shit, as I was taking it! I wasn’t going to object to his sudden onslaught of foreplay so I leaned back against the toilet tank and parted my thighs further to give him a better vantage point and push deeper into my sugar hole If he so pleased. The pleasure was making me moan and quiver as my own pussy juices began to seep from my hole and dribble down the bottoms of my ass cheeks dripping down into the toilet water. He finished me off by prodding roughly at my gspot and I squirted so hard all over his hand and the toilet seat! Oh it was so hot and steamy!


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