Gangbang whore Being a gangbang whore makes me so happy. I get to make you, your balls, and your cock feel great.  Last night, I had two clients do a private dance and they started to beg to come back to my place. I told them they did not have to beg they could come over when ever they wanted. They let me know they wanted to fill all my holes. I told them I am about it and when I get off work from the club they could follow me back. Its been a couple weeks since all my holes were filled at the same time. When we got home they wanted to all take a shower together. Thank god I have a decent size shower. I pissed all over their cocks because they asked. Hey i love everything dirty. Their dicks grew so much longer when I pissed all over them. After, we got out the shower they rubbed all over my body, kissed me from head to toe then they shoved me down like the little fuck doll I am, my holes were filled not much longer after that.

 They tied me down and slapped me around with their hands and cocks. I loved every bit of it. My body was shaking of fear and excitement all at the same time. When my mouth is forced open and my pussy and cock shoved open my pussy leeks. They fucked my holes until they came, then, they were still hard . They cut the ties and I bounced on each of their cocks with cock in my mouth its a challenge but I love a challenge but more so love cock filling me up. I got my holes filled with cum. Fuck i love my job shaking my ass on the pole scored me with some nice big cock to bring home. Loving the thrill baby. Come join my thrills ?

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