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There was some serious blonde fucking Big Black dick this weekend. I had my beautiful and slutty stepsisters in town for a fuck fest. Jolene has a fucking brother fucking fetish. SO I let her have some step brother dick before we hit my dealer’s house for some blow and chocolate sucking. She rode my bio brothers dick so hard and fast that he came in spurts. I was required to get on he pussy and start licking every dropout. She was so excited to be able to get some of his curved dick. Then I was trying to get Barbie off the front porch. Barbie Is a BBW queen who was showing all my neighbors her huge tits. Barbie is a cum guzzling slut so I knew she wanted that black cock. cum guzzling slut

I finally got my slutty step sisters off to E’s house so I could get fucked up and we could be the sexy white girls sucking 10-inch cocks all night. E was so happy that I brought Jolene and Barbie to play with his coke dealing buddies. I received a hefty cash payment before I took my sisters to the back playroom. That’s right this white trash whore pimped out Jolen and Barbie and they didn’t mind. See we all have been classified as nymphomaniacs and dick is what we love.  That didn’t stop me from diving head first into Barbies fat cunt as I got an ass full of chocolate dick. and Jolene was bouncing on Barbies face while she gulped her own Black Cock. Before I knew it I had Barbie Cumming on my face and cock in my ass and pussy I became a creampie slut. Cum was dripping all over me and inside me. More and more black men kept showing up. We were fucked raw. I can’t believe how much fun my fuckable step sisters Jolene and Barbie are! I am going to be seeing a lot of those pretty wet pussies. creampie slut

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