This was a surprise!


shemale phone sex

I’m gonna tell you about some shemale phone sex I had yesterday. My favorite trucker came by to find me at my trailer park and on his walk over he found a baggie that he picked up and brought with him. He found me a short time later and after a quick hug I invited him into my trailer. As soon as he was in I slammed the door closed with his back and climbed my lumberjack like a tree. He produced the baggie and I got my lighter, spoon and syringe out. As we waited for it to liquefy we made out and started getting naked. He took the syringe and sucked up that liquid high and gave me my taste first. Oh god it was great to fly high. As I was reaching my peak he picked me up and sat me down on his cock. My asshole stretched and I felt the head slide in followed by the rest a short time later. As he was fucking me I heard the door open and my neighbor walked in, she is A beautiful woman and I was all for it. What my guy didn’t know was that she also was packing a 9” cock that she loves to have sucked. She could tell that I was too far gone and so she presented it to him. He opened his mouth and sucked that cock like a paid whore. It didn’t take too much more pumping from either cock before I had one exploding in my ass and the other in his mouth. He grabbed my head and we fed the cum back and forth for a while until there was no more left. I can’t wait for my trucker to roll through again

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