They ended up being the hookers for hire

hookers for hireI was really bored last night so I put an ad up on backpage offering up my services as a hooker but the pair of wimpy subby men that hired me ended up being the hookers for hire… and they paid me for the privilege too! See, they originally said that they wanted to double team me, I accepted immediately because the thought of having two big hard cocks in me had me soaking wet in an instant. But when they showed up I could tell right away that these men could never satisfy me, they were way too timid and meek for that. I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to dominate them but it was clear that domination was what these two sluts really needed. I was a little lost because I am not usually dominate but then I was saved! I got an instant message from a very experienced Dom and he agreed to do a text session with me to help me domme the shit out of these two little bitch boys. He told me to get my strap on out and force those two little subbies to bend over so that I could take turns fucking their tight asses, they resisted but in the end I broke those boys wide open! Then my Dom friend told me that he made them some appointments and that some men would be coming by very soon for them. Well those subby boys freaked out and started crying, they said that they didn’t want to be whores like that but I didn’t let them say no. When those men showed up, I made those subby little bitches take care of all of them… and I kept their money too! All that just because my favorite Dom wanted a text session with me, sometimes that turns out to be the best kind of phone sex. Message me anytime @ Dirty_Slut_Donna on messenger or email me @ !

hooker phone sex

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