The Storm Brought Her Into My Bed

Stripper sex stories

One of my dancer’s apartments had flooded and was being repaired. She had planned on staying in a cheap hotel during renovations, but what kind of boss would I be if I let my girl stay in a seedy hotel? I offered her my spare room and she happily accepted. It would be fun, I thought like an extended sleepover. The first night she stayed, we were both so tired from work, I showed her to her room and went to mine to collapse. After a few uneventful nights, we had a huge thunderstorm. Even through the walls, I could hear her whimpering. I went to check on her where I found her deep under the cover. She admitted to me that she was terrified of bad weather. I offered for her to come to my room where “Mama Dee” would protect her.

She followed me to my room and soon was huddled under my big covers, where she fell fast asleep. I spooned against this young beauty and fell asleep myself. When I awoke, I thought I was still dreaming. This young woman was between my legs, feasting like there was no tomorrow. She knew her way around a pussy too. She had me ready to climb the wall, the sensation in my cunt was so strong. I flooded her face with my orgasm and she looked up at me and just smiled. With no words spoken, we switched places and I was soon dining on her scrumptious juices, slurping away happily. Her young pussy tasted wonderful and I gobbled away until she was writhing in orgasm. She never returned to the guest room. The rest of her stay, she warmed Mama Dee’s bed. I almost hated to see her apartment get finished, I had enjoyed her stay so much.

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