The new neighbors love me

live phone sexI met some new neighbors yesterday and they are cool as fuck! There are four of them, three sisters and a brother and they all live together and they are hot as fuck. I was invited over for a few drinks and let me tell you, shit got intense real fast. They all were down to fuck and who am I to judge if families wanna fuck right? All I knew was that they were sexy as hell and down to get me naked too so I joined in with lots of enthusiasm. The brother’s cock was big as fuck and he was happy to fuck all our holes with it. He filled my tight ass in a way I had never felt before it was so good! The girls were so hot too we were playing with strap on cocks and eating each other out. The whole night was a blur of drinking and fucking and orgasm after orgasm it was just what I needed after all this damn quarantining I’ve been doing lately.

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