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Dirty phone sex

It’s been over three hours since I had a huge load of cum in my cunt and I don’t know how I’m going to make it another minute without Dirty phone sex. When I’m on my period I’m so horny, not that I’m not horny any other minute of any other day. The bus boy and the cook are here and it’s getting late and we don’t have any customers. I know the cook and the bus boy can’t afford a sample of this pussy, but I’m so desperate. I approached them in the kitchen of the restaurant. I asked them if they wanted to fuck me. They both said yes and attempted to touch me. I took a step back, not allowing them to touch me. All they could scrounge up was $50. That’s not enough. “What else do you have?” The cook pulled out a crack pipe. We all took a hit, then I let them fuck me in my bloody cunt. They filled my pussy up with cum then I sucked them both off, tasting my blood and their cum in my mouth. Yummy.

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