The Heat is On

cum guzzling slut

It’s so fucking hot outside and it’s only 6am.  I need to get a hit before it really gets hot.  I have my money for Daddy but I really need to get this fix.  Dope boys outside I have to see what I can do.  Spotted my mark.  this guy is new to the block so he don’t know me.  I’m the trick with no treats.  He saw me looking so he approached me.  I told him he was fine.  I started stroking his ego along with his little dick.  Telling him how big it his.  He asked if I wanted to get out this heat.  Hell yeah let’s go.  We checked in to this little cheap motel where all the dope guys hung  out.  We get to the the room I start sucking his dick and licking his asshole just to get started.  As soon as I heard him moan I knew this would be fast and I could put this motherfucker to sleep.  Not even five strokes in this little pea dick was out.  Oh well time to collect.  I took everything His weed, coke, pills and his money.  He had about 3k in cash and still had product left.  Oh what can I say.  I can spot a mark in the devil’s heat.

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