The Halloween party was so fun

live phone sexMe and my friend dressed up as Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas for the big Halloween party last night and man were we ever a hit. We won best costume and celebrated by stripping naked and giving the whole party a sexy show. We fucked in front of everyone. They loved seeing me suck his cock and they couldn’t believe that my makeup was everywhere, they thought for sure it wouldn’t be under my dress too but I was committed to being authentic. I let Jack fuck my pussy and my ass until he came and then he started calling up other people to fuck me too. I fucked a devil and scarecrow, the joker and even ate Harley Quinn’s pussy too! It was the best Halloween party I have ever been to I can’t wait till tomorrow I hope that party is even better! I wonder what I should dress as for that?


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  1. phillip

    I would love to have you ride my cock

  2. Jerking man

    Jacking off to your blog. Wow.

  3. Wilson

    I have been having nasty dreams about you.

  4. Doug

    Luna, you are my dream girl.

  5. Wayne


  6. Perry

    You were so sexy last night. I can’t wait for my boring wife to leave again I will call you then.

  7. larry

    I could have a whole lot of fun with you baby

  8. Brad

    Talking to you makes my dick so hard.

  9. AJ

    Your party sounds like a fucking blast

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