The Halftime Entertainment

Sexy ProstitutesPlayoffs are always big money-making days at the club. We like to put on a little half time show of our own. We dress in sexy lingerie and do a little catwalk thing in front of the horny, drunk men. It is a strictly no touching for free event. But you know how it is when you get a bunch of horny men drunk and parade sexy, scantily clad women in front of them. The wallets come out and the bills start dropping. This is a time where we can see if any of the clients look like they might want to take it back to the VIP lounge. We run specials, by the hour, with multiple girls if you got enough funds. There is always one guy who is jacked up on booze and testosterone from the game who wants his own private party. It is costly and we are happy to oblige. He picked about 6 girls from our little show and we went back to the VIP. He had completely forgotten about the game as we sat him down and each gave him lap dances, pressing our big breasts and bare asses up against him as we went. Finally, I knelt and unbuckled his khakis, pulling them down around his ankles. His dick was already hard under his boxers, so I removed those too, with my teeth. I could see some pre-cum as my face grazed the head of his dick. Wanting to get a great big tip, I put that nice, hard dick deep in my mouth and sucked him hard, bobbing my head up and down in his crotch and gently cusping his balls. I teased him allowing him to almost cum before holding back. That tease and denial always allows for a nice orgasm and the client loves it too. When I knew he couldn’t last any longer I gave him a few deep throat fucks and allowed him to cum deep inside my mouth. He smiled and handed me a stack of cash. I don’t even think he knew who won the game.

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