The Glory Of The Hole

Anal Sex Whore

I didn’t quite know what I was doing and I really didn’t care! This is what my party favors do to me…I care even less about the dirty and nasty things I will do. I was out at a club actually…fucked up and drinking and being a total skank with any guy that would dance with me. I decided to go pee and ended up in the stall with a glory hole! I was excited to try it out, I waited for a cock to come and slide thru that hole so I could handle it. It wasn’t just any cock that came out, it was a big black monster fucking cock! This thing was huge, it reminded me of neighing furry friend cock but this was simply a black cock that needed to be serviced. I knew it would NEVER fit if I didn’t get it lubed up. It was nearly impossible to get it all the fit but he thrusted it as deep as he could down my throat. My jaw popped as I opened my mouth wide and sucked and drooled all over that juicy thick dick. I knew he wanted more, he was so fucking hard and I just wanted to be stretched out! I angled my ass over that cock and backed up on it, that big fat head made my shit hole burn. It was HUGE! I was scared to take it all but too fucked up to care how bad it was going to hurt. I felt this cock of his force its way it, making my asshole go to a gaping level. I screamed and didn’t care as I rode that cock…the glory of the hole.

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