The Exchange

Crack Whore AnalI will do anything for crack. I love the way it makes me feel especially at work. I love stripping but sometimes I need a pick me up for the long hours I work. My favorite regular comes in today and thank God because I just did the last of my stash. we have a little exchange in the private rooms on the days that he comes in. When we got back there, I did a little more with him and got straight to work. I stripped for him and did a little dance until his dick was painfully hard and then I got on my knees and pulled his hard cock out of his pants. I spit and sucked his cock really good to make it all wet for my tight little asshole. He specifically loves the way my asshole feels on his hard thick cock. He loves to fuck my tight little hole hard and fast to cum inside of me. He loves to watch his sweet cum drip out of my asshole.

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    • Percy on April 6, 2022 at 7:41 pm
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    Crack is whack, bitch. Smoke my pole instead.

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