That Kind of Girl

Gangbang whore


He thought that I wanted his brother alone well guess what that sex pot big dick black boy thought wrong. I was hopped up on those X pills and souped out on that coke ready, to get real wild so they could all have fun with me oh yeah did I forget to mention there were more guys that showed up a little later. I was in heaven I was in black boy Heaven. Big dicks were everywhere they were hard forever, for hours. That’s what I love one of those dicks ramming into my vagina, I was like oh my God but it all felt so good. I’m a horny come dumpster skank I like to fuck all the time I like to get my knees dirty too. What I do should be a crime. Anyway, he thought it was just going to be his brother getting this hot thot white chick fucked up and blazed and full of fucking pills and fuck me like he was mad at the white man but his brother had a surprise for him. I am open to fuck them all it was gangbanged ecstasy on that night. I always need guys to fuck me like that now I’m hooked on coke and X and black dick, I Can’t Get Enough it’s too good. Do you want to fuck me or do you want to watch me get fucked but all of those big black cocks either way, God yes it’s so good so fucking extremely penetratingly good. I’m a nasty little cunt whore I love to get fucked in all of my holes I love at the end of everything for cum to be oozing out of every one of my holes including my fucking ears that’s right I’m that kind of girl.

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