Thank You Easter Bunny!

I know it is Easter and most mommies are hiding eggs and handing out chocolate to their tiny little ones in pretty dresses.

Well, I am not most mommies and this deal was too good to pass up!

I made a deal with the devil last night at the club and he had some chocolate that he wanted to feed my young pre-whore!

So I cleanedLive Phone Sex her up and made sure that sweet little kitty was licked clean!

I dressed her in a pretty pink dress and told her we were going to get some thick dark chocolate from the Easter bunny!

He took one look at her in her baby girl ruffled panties and his big black cock jumped to attention!

He watched as she hugged my neck while stepping out of those frilly undies and I knew my little girls ass would never be the same as he stroked that dark chocolate!

I started licking her pretty pink rosebud and stretching it as much as possible to prepare the biggest ass stretching of her young life!

I gave that sweet fuck hole one last drizzle of mommies spit before he grabbed her by the hips with his giant black hands!

With his huge helmet head pressed firmly against her tight back door, he gave one long hard slow push!

My little one’s spine had never been so straight as it was with that cock of steel sliding through her body straight up her back bone!

He kept pulling her tiny body harder onto his big thick cock, fucking her until her gaping ass was larger than a Pringle can!

As her body slumped to the floor, dripping with cum, I realized I wasn’t such a bad mommy after all…I mean she got her pretty dress and more thick dark chocolate than any little girl could hope for!

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