Teachers pet

anal sex whoreFuck!! I dropped a baggy in class. I knew before I could turn around what had happen. My professor was going to get me booted from school and I could say goodbye to my tuition. I was awaiting the worst. I knew I was screwed. Mr. Dale told me to have a seat he was going to talk to me and had to clear things up. I knew he was going to go in on me about my stash. I was prepared for the worst case scenario. Mr. Dale locked the classroom door and dropped his pants right in front of me. He told me since I love blow so much I can blow him. He wasn’t going to leave me off the hook so easily. I was going to be his anal sex whore for the evening and he even did a few lines with me. His rock hard cock pounding me while my mind and body was in nirvana was the best. I loved that Mr. Dale did a few lines with me too and got fucked up with me.I became the teachers pet.

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